What you need to know about Darkside Ransomware

What you need to know about Darkside Ransomware

You may have heard some news on something calling “Darkside” Ransomware because of its impact on US fuel prices. I am sharing this briefing in case you receive questions.

What is Darkside and why should you care?

  • DarkSide is a new group that started to offer “Ransomware-as-as-Services” at the beginning of August 2020. They have become known for their professional operations and large ransoms. According to the known incidents, the ransom demanded falls in the range of between $200,000 and $2,000,000 (US). A ransomware attack is a demand for money in return for normal systems operations or the non- release of stolen data.
  • Darkside has successfully perpetrated an attack on May 7th against Colonial Pipeline, which is the largest artery for refined fuels in the United States. Ordinarily, the pipes carry 2.5m barrels a day, 45% of the east coast’s supply; fuel prices jumped 4% on Sunday.

What is the risk related to Darkside?

  • Darkside state they do not attack hospitals, schools, non-profits, and governments, but rather big organizations that can afford to pay large ransoms.
  • Darkside leverages a significant amount of tools that are targeted to compromise user accounts or endpoints devices (e.g. computer, laptops, servers).

How to prevent it?

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