Home Networking

Home Networking

Need help setting up a firewall router? Do you have one Internet connection and multiple computers? Here’s some common networking problems you may encounter.

Share Internet Access / Files

Securely share the internet, printers, and files from anywhere in your office or home. Fast and easy multi-tasking with safe and secure wireless network installation.

Tweak your router to enhance download speed. Block unnecessary ports to prevent intrusion.

Isn’t nice to be able to surf the Internet with your laptop anywhere in the house? You need assistance? – we can help!

Do not know where to buy the router or equipment? We can purchase the device(s) and have them installed at your place. No worries, no hassle! Our price is guarantee the lowest, if you can find a better price from the major retailers (e.g. FutureShop, Best Buy, Staples), we will be happy to match it.

Our qualified Cisco technicans provide full onsite support for your networking needs.

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What we can do:

  • Mesh Wi-Fi Installation – Covers whole house or small/mid-sized office
  • Install and configure wireless/wired routers (modems) such as: Bell, Rogers, D-link, Linksys, Belkin, Acanac, Teksavvy…etc
  • Setup completely wireless in your home for WiFi 802.11a/b/g/n/ac
  • Expand your wireless network by adding any old router as Access Point
  • Wire your entire office with top quality CAT6 Ethernet cables and install cable drops/outlets
  • Setup USB wireless adapters for desktops and laptops
  • Wireless printer setup and installation, including print from smart phone, tablet. (i.e. AirPrint)
  • Network Camera Installation Service
  • 8 Tips to Improve Your Wireless Network Performance

We offer Free network assessment


- make wireless available anywhere, have a stable video conferencing experience