Monthly Computer Support Plans For Small Businesses

Monthly Computer Support Plans For Small Business

Monthly computer support plans for small businesses (also known as Managed IT Services) give you the tech support you need to work without interruptions, protect your data, and plan for IT upgrades as your company grows.  Some other benefits of managed services (especially if you’re switching from a solo computer person to a small business tech support company) include you no longer have to deal with:

  • Frustrating computer problems
  • Interrupted productivity
  • Long delays in getting computer issues fixed by your current tech support person
  • Difficulty with getting your printers to work properly with all computers on the network
  • Difficulty with software not behaving the same across your network
  • Wasted hours of productivity time
  • Virus infections
  • Out of date technology causes disruptions and can cost your clients

How Computer Support Plans Work

Server & Network Monitoring 24/7 – Your Managed Services Provider (MSP) will monitor your entire IT infrastructure using a variety of advanced monitoring tools.

Updating & Protecting – Many small business owners lag on performing required software and security updates which can leave them open to security threats, buggy systems, frequent software crashes and more. MSP’s perform all updates for you to keep your systems running smoothly and safely.

Experienced Technical Support – Most small businesses do not have an IT department; an essential in business today. Your IT issues will now be handled by experienced computer technicians.

Proactive Protection – When a problem is detected, it is dealt with proactively by your Managed Services team before it has a chance to hurt your business or interrupt your productivity. If an upgrade is required, you will have the opportunity to undertake it proactively. For example, if bad sectors are found on your hard drive, a replacement will be recommended before a hard drive read error or hard drive failure can occur.

Asset & Change Management – Your physical computer systems will receive scheduled maintenance to keep them running optimally, longer. Your network is documented annually to help you plan additions and upgrades over time.

Rapid Response Time For Critical Outages – Count on reliable service when you need it. Managed Service Providers include fast response times in their service agreement with you so you always get priority service when you need it. Which with ongoing proactive maintenance, it’s hardly ever an issue at all.

Don’t Wait Until Something Breaks

Savvy business owners who switch from a break and fix approach to a managed services approach report:

  • less stress
  • less downtime
  • less lost productivity

Computer Squad is a highly rated IT Support Company in Toronto, serving small businesses since 2005. We offer fair IT support prices and great service to the business owners we partner with to support.