Data Recovery and Backups

Computer Squad knows how valuable your time and data is to you and we can help you recover and restore your data files. No matter if the data loss from a faulty hard drive, flash memory, USB stick or solid state drive (SSD), we can assist you in getting your files back.

You got Backups?

Backup is the most effective way to protect your data. We can help you setup a backup procedure - could be local hard drive backup or online backup.

Google Malware Warning

Does your website have the "Google Malware Warning" that stops people from visiting your site or server? We have experience to get your site back online within hours! Some hosting companies charge you a fortune to have this fixed.

If I format my drive for Windows in NTFS only will my Mac see the drive?

Yes, however you will only be able to read from the drive not write to the drive.

How can I prevent File Corruption on my external drive?

The most common cause of file corruption is disconnecting the drive while it is in use. The easiest way to avoid this is to only disconnect the drive when the computer is shutdown or by using the safe remove/eject option in your computer. Using safe removal allows the computer to stop any background processes that maybe accessing the drive. Safe Removal is an option in all versions of Windows and Mac for USB and FireWire drives. Many computers do not have a safe remove option for the eSATA connection. For eSATA it is recommended that the computer be shutdown before disconnecting.