Things you should know for the Bell Sympatico

What is DSL?

DSL (digital subscriber line) is a high speed internet connection, that is an alternative to cable. DSL uses existing phone line wiring in conjunction with special hardware modem. This special hardware allows for a continuous digital connection over the phone lines, often a filter is needed to enhance the voice quality.

The modems

New Connection Hub

Cisco Wireless N

2Wire Modem

Fibe Modem

SpeedStream 6520

SpeedStream 6300

Alcatel modem

By default, most modem's wireless is enabled but the WiFi security is only set to WEP (Not Secured). MAKE SURE TO CHNAGE IT TO WPA2!

No connection or slow Internet speed? First thing - restart your modem. This solves many issues such as singal loss, IP address not assigned properly. You will obtain a new WAN IP address from the Bell server after restart/reboot.

Technical Terms for Speed

You're a light Internet user doesn't mean you can tolerate the cheapest DSL package. Some low-end DSL plans are no better than dial-up!

Internet Usage Limitations!

If you are normal Internet users, pick a DSL package with download speed of 6Mbps and up is sufficient. Keep your eyes on the Internet Usage per month - this will cost you big buck when the Internet usage is over the limit. The usage is meansured by the combination of download and upload data usage!